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I am not into the business of Domain selling, but over the course of time, I have collected some Premium Domains. Although, I am not looking for lots of money for these domains as long as it’s simply reasonable for me and the buyer. If you like any of the following domains, please fill the form below and I would get back to you on this.


small letters:
capital letters: WWW.MAQUL.COM

This is an excellent domain name with 5 characters only. Basically MAQUL is an uzbik langauge word which means REASONABLE. An excellent choice for Ecommerce website.


small letters:
capital letters: WWW.REKLR.COM

A smart choice of 5 character domain name. REKLR is a turkish word which means “Advertising”. This is a good choice for advertisement firms or any brand name.


small letters:
capital letters: WWW.U-SEO.COM

Another very small domain name with 5 characters. Specificaly related to any SEO agencies.


small letters:
capital letters: WWW.ICONICEUROPE.COM

A perfect 2 words domain with .com extension. Perfect for any kind of european activities like traveling, blogging or properties industries.


small letters:
capital letters: WWW.ICONICYACHTS.COM

Another perfect 2 words domain with .com extension. Perfect for yachts business industry for any type of yachts rental or sale.


small letters:
capital letters: WWW.BLUEPLUGIN.COM

I personally love this two words domain. An excellent choice for any kind of creative agency as well software house. This is a perfect brand name.


small letters:
capital letters: WWW.ICONICLODGE.COM

This domain is perfect for real estate industry. Its a .com name without any location limitations.

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