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I am a freelance SEO consultant, I love to write, share my experience & my love to the community. You will find me always open for all type of ideas and discussion.


I started my IT career in 2002 and dropped my full time job working life in 2016, now I am a full time freelancer. SEO planning, strategies, on page, off page, Google Analytics, Google Console, reading, learning and experimenting are my strengths in my success. My working style includes dedication, transparency, understanding and supporting my clients led me to work with few selective clients. I make projects creative to achieve their business goals. I never consider myself as an expert, but I am a student who is eager to learn more. By owning more than 30 websites, where I do different experiments to even learn more. Nature, travel, cultures and people from around the world drive me. Creativity gave me a passion to live simple and see the world in another way.

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My Promise

Yes, that is right! I offer completely free guidelines for your ideas and how you may implement them in digital world. After that it is your choice, if you want to give me the project or you want to do it by yourself or even if you want to give it to any other company or freelancer. I am an open person, who is really available to discuss any kind of business ideas or helping you in their implementations.

When I started iconic freelancer, I decided that I will only give the right advice to my customers and readers. No matter how hard it will be to swallow but I believe that truth is the only right thing I can do in this massive world of communication. So you can trust me completely that I never do affiliate marketing for anyone and I never ask you to buy things which are not necessary at all.My blog is open for anyone who is willing to learn SEO, let me know if you need to know about something particular, I would be happy to write for you.