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Check Your Onsite SEO Progress

In previous posts we have discussed most of the important onsite SEO topics. Now this is the time to check our progress that what we have done so far and where does our website stand in terms of onsite SEO progress.

First we need to check the speed of our website as this is really important not only for the search engines but our website’s visitors too. Well there are many tools, which allow us to check the speed of our website, but I think nothing can tell us better than Google itself. 

Use the following tool to check the website’s speed:

This is an excellent tool by Google to check the website’s speed. Follow the instructions to improve it.

Check for each page

An important thing here is that it will not give the complete details of the website. One has to check every page of the website individually, then follow the instructions to improve each page for an excellent and complete website progress.

After finishing the speed analysis of the website and improvement, now it’s time to check the progress of onsite SEO progress including everything we have discussed so far. There are hundreds of websites, which offer onsite SEO analysis, some are free and others will charge some money.

I have tried many paid SEO analysis websites but there is nothing special in them. I recommend you to check the website’s onsite SEO at the following address. This is free, very effective and most importantly it covers everything that we need.

Again, I remind you that it will only show the analysis of a single page that is why every single page should be checked individually. In this way you can fix your errors easily. When more onsite SEO points will be improved, the website gets more improvement in the search engine rankings.

Tip: Onsite SEO is not a one time thing, it should be checked at least after every 30 days.

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