Google Analytics

Google Analytics Basic Setup

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google. This is not about onsite SEO but very important to discuss at this stage.

Google Analytics is an excellent tool, it gives us insights of our website visitors. We can not only monitor our visitors but also know their locations, languages, browsers as well as System information like, Browser, Operating System and Service Provider, etc. We can also review real time visitors, which is really helpful when we are running any campaign.

This is very important while doing SEO for any project to understand the behavior of website’s visitors on the go.

Although Google Analytics have many features and we should understand them to manage our visitors well.

Important sections of Google Analytics are:

  • Real-Time
    • This is an excellent feature especially when you are running any type of paid campaigns as you can see live status of your visitors and important information. This is cool feature, must check it.
  • Audience
    • Here we get all the general and necessary information like the website bounce rate, average session duration of your visitors, sessions, page views, etc.In this section we can also enable some other features for our website like demographics and interests which allow us to gather more information about our visitors like their gender, age, etc.
  • Acquisition
    • We can review the source of traffic for our website, we can see the useful resources for our website that exactly from where are we getting our traffic.
  • Behavior
    • Behavior as clear with the name, it gives us the behavior flow of our visitors like on which page they entered on our website, where they navigated and where exactly they left our website.
  • Conversions
    • If you are selling anything on your website, then this could be an excellent feature for your website. You may set your own goals as per your requirements.

Basic Configuration

But at this stage we are just going to configure Google Analytics.

  1. Visit
  2. Login using your Google Account
  3. Enter your website details
    Google Analytics Setup
  4. It will generate HTML code for your website
    Google Analytics Code
  5. Copy that code and paste it in the head section of your html page

That’s it! Here you are good to go with your Google Analytics account. I will write in detail about all the features of Google Analytics soon.

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