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Here search engines are testing our web page speed, which is very important. Because if our webpage does not load fast, our visitors might not spend time in waiting to load the page.

Remember, our visitors have hundreds of options and we need to improve our website’s performance as much as we can.

Minify content is all about reducing the size of our content so that our website can load faster. It implements on our CSS files, our JS files, our Images and our HTML files.

CSS and JS Files

It is a good practice that you do not write any of your CSS or JS code in your html pages but make separate files and save your code there instead. Try to make one single file for CSS and one single file for JS instead of making multiple files.

Now, I assume you have one CSS file and one JS file on your website and we are going to minify them (reducing their file size as much possible).

There are lots of websites, which offer free Minify services for CSS and JS files. I personally use the following:

CSS Minify

JS Minify

Tip: Always keep copy of your CSS and JS file in case of making any changes, because it is very difficult to understand any minified file.

HTML Files

If the html structure is bigger and consuming too much space then, it is necessary to minify our html files too. Always keep backup copy of your original HTML files and save them before minifying any of your HTML files. Same like CSS and JS Minify, there are lots of websites offering HTML minify services, I personally use the following:


Most of our website space is consumed by our images and they take time to load on our website. If we try to reduce the size of our images then, there we see the decrease of our image quality as well. But there are some very good online services where you can minify your images with almost no quality loss. I personally recommend using the following because it is free, easy and good in the quality:


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