SEO Images and Video on your website

This is the most creative part of any website and I love it. Images and Videos are most important things for any web page. Images and videos do not only increase the appearance of the website but help to engage the visitors, if used properly.

Search engines do not know anything about the picture or video as long as you do not tell them properly that what it is all about.

In this post I am trying to cover both parts in terms of the website design and search engines.

Design Part of the Images and Videos:

Always use

  • High quality images
  • Relevant images
  • Try to use same industry images
  • Try to use same color scheme of images

Never use

  • Videos, which are irrelevant
  • Videos, which are shaking. I mean when camera is unstable
  • Videos, which have only images and a background image
  • Videos, which have low sound quality

Here, I am not talking about the gallery images. For example, if you are a company and needs to show your work through more than ten images. Then, make a separate page in your website under the name of your picture gallery. Put all of your company images there.

Here, my point is about the images, which are used on each page in the header banners or footers etc. I share with you one of the bad examples, that people use phone images or something similar in the contact us page. I recommend you never use this kind of practice any more. Instead of that, use any image relevant to that website industry. Trust me; it makes you different and creative a lot.

Always try to use same color scheme of your images, in case your website design theme is blue, then try to find images, which are with blue shades instead of a red shade. If you are using all images with the blue shade and use one with the red shade then it might look ridiculous.

Tip: If you have different color of images then, you may seek help of any Photoshop expert to give them almost same shade of your website theme or you can do it by yourself too, if you know the Photoshop.

Try to use images as per the requirements of the design instead of stuffing unnecessarily. You can buy good quality images online (this is why, I do not recommend making big websites as they will increase your budget only).

Tip: You can ask a professional presenter to record a one minute video. You only need to provide them a script. The video will be professionally made and really looks much better, then your personal video. It will cost you 40-50 US $ only.

You can find an online freelance presenter who records really good and professional videos. If you are not able to find them please do write to me, I would recommend you a few.

SEO Images and Videos:

Never use images with orphan names. I have seen designers who are giving names to their images like 1.jpg or something, which is irrelevant to your website. Search engines read the name of the images and try to analyze the image nature with its name as well.

Let’s be smart here! We can name our images with the same name of our keywords, which will increase our onsite SEO strength about our keywords. Remember, in our case study we had the main keyword “Catering in NYC”, so I can name one of my image as catering-in-nyc.jpg and others with other keyword names.

Every image has few attributes in html, which are important for search engines to analyze the images, which are “alt” and “title”. If you see html tag of the image, it is like <img src=”catering-in-nyc.jpg” />


ALT tag is triggered. If the image is not able to load because of any reason, then HTML will write the ALT text instead of the image.

<img src”catering-in-nyc.jpg” alt=”Catering in NYC” />

Title Tag

If you hover your mouse over any image and if the title tag is set in the image tag, then it shows a small title of the image.

<img src”catering-in-nyc.jpg” alt=”Catering in NYC” title=”Catering in NYC” />

Although, we can use different alt and title tags for our same image but it does not make any sense and search engines become confuse that what this image is all about. So, always use proper alt and title tags for your images on every image tag on your web pages.


I recommend you to upload your video on youtube and embed that video in your web page. In this way we can have two benefits, people can find you on the youtube as well as you can achieve a proper backlink from it (I will discuss the details about backlinks in Offsite SEO).

When you are updating your video on youtube use proper Video Title and description same like we did for our web pages. Always use embed tag for your video instead of iframe tag, as search engines do not encourage to use iframe tags.

<embed src=” ” width=”560″ height=”315″/>

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