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Yes, that is right! I offer completely free guidelines for your ideas and how you may implement them in digital world. After that it is your choice, if you want to give me the project or you want to do it by yourself or even if you want to give it to any other company or freelancer. I am an open person, who is really available to discuss any kind of business ideas or helping you in their implementations.

My Promise

This is about two decades that I am reading blogs. The only thing I am not able to understand that why almost everyone is advertising things, which have no value at all. I know some very well reputed authors who are doing affiliate marketing even when they still have lots of money already. They are not guiding towards the right things. Everyone is trying to make things complex just for the sake of some money. When I started iconic freelancer, I decided that I will only give the right advice to my customers and readers. No matter how hard it will be to swallow but I believe that truth is the only right thing I can do in this massive world of communication. So you can trust me completely that I never do affiliate marketing for anyone and I never ask you to buy things which are not necessary at all.

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