We have to be a bit technical here to understand both of these phrases, which are Backlink and Anchor Text.


Websites are based on HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), which contains a terminology Hyperlink. Hyperlink is basically a simple link connecting one page to another page that can be in the same website or in another one. Technically Hyperlink is an html tag, when user clicks it he redirects to another location, which is specified in the tag. Hyperlink tags looks like:

Technical View                                                                 Result View

<a href=”about.html”>About us</a>                                     About us

For example website “www.website.com” has a page called index.html (Home Page) and it has a link, which is connecting index.html to about.html (About us Page). When user clicks on “About us”, he/she moves to About us Page, which is technically about.html.

Now the above example can be repeated to link another website. For example, we want to redirect user to google.com.

Technical View                                                                     Result View

<a href=”http://www.google.com”>Read More</a>                   Read More

In the above example when user clicks on “Read More”, he/she will be redirected to Google website.

Backlinks can be divided in two major types “incoming backlinks” and “outgoing backlinks”.

In example two we have created an outgoing backlink for Google. If Google creates the same example on its website and instead of using google website address they use www.website.com (our website’s address) then we are going to get a backlink from Google.

SEO Point of View for Backlinks

Search engines consider backlinks as votes. So it is quite clear now that if there are more votes then the website will gain more reputation for the search engines. And more relevant votes will give more success in search engine ranking. I will explain the details of backlinks including backlink types, backlink strength etc. in Offsite SEO.

Anchor Text

Let’s review our example two above. We have used something between the hyperlink tags, which is “Read More”, this is called the anchor text. Whenever any link is coming to our website, there is some Anchor Text with that, which tells search engines that what is that backlink for.

To make it simple backlink is a link coming from another website to our website and anchor text is the message coming along with the backlink. This is very important in backlink building that we use the right anchor text as it is the vote message and counts in our success.

You can read more about link building and using perfect method of making right Anchor Text at Offsite SEO.

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