Domain and Hosting for SEO

If you have a domain name with your keyword, your website will automatically be on top of search engines, THIS STATEMENT IS WRONG.

If you have a keyword in your domain name or parts of your keyword in your domain name, the changes of your SEO improvement are almost 0.3%, which is not sufficient.

I must have to focus on small businesses here, most of the time I have seen that small businesses have very complex or out of the box names, which does not define their product or services.

Mostly the small businesses does not have enough funds to hire a professional company to name their brand, this is why they use something as per community standards or family names etc. Whenever I have a discussion with clients on their names they give me examples of big brands and tell me if they can work with it why cannot we.

Well, actually they are right at certain point, they have plans to grow and achieve high targets for their brands.

But here the situation is different, at this time we need to focus on clients who can buy our products or services. As we have low budget and if we are not able to achieve our small goals we can never achieve higher goals.

Many clients agree with me at this point but now the problem is that they have registered their companies already with certain names. Now here I come up with a better solution for all those companies, definitely my client company names are their babies and they care about them and I do respect them as well.

What is Good Domain

We need to attract clients at this point, who do not know us, does not know our brand and especially on internet.

Few Things you need to know when you buy a domain

  1. It is easy to remember for a general customer
  2. It should be short
  3. Be precise with your name add your keyword and target market, so that client should know what and where
  4. Try to go for .com
  5. If you are in UK then you should go for or in Australia it should be as these are representing your target markets as well
  6. Get some opinion from your friends who are not in your business industry, for example if you are in medical industry may be your industry fellows can understand it very well but your customers who are not in medical industry would never understand your domain name and it would be hard for them to remember.

We need to understand here that our client does not think like we do, so at the small stage we must have to attract them in a nice and better way.

Suppose if you are a small business and your company name is “abc” and you have purchased a domain with the name of but your business is catering the best solution for you is to keep everything same but just buy another domain with the name of the keyword you have chosen for your SEO, which defines your product/service as well target market.

For this case study, I am going to choose Let me clear at this point if your website name is different from your company name it is completely legal and fine.

Let me tell you few things about web hosting now; there are many people who are asking you need special hosting servers for good SEO etc., which are completely myths.

You can choose any hosting company, there are lots of hosting companies which are providing good services, if you plan to launch multiple websites then I request you to buy a package where you can host multiple websites at same account, it will save you some more money.

I am not going to recommend any company here because I do not do affiliate marketing and give fake reviews. Few things you can check before you buy a web hosting

  1. Check their customer support (You should be able to get 24/7 customer support with email and phone. Companies which offer support by email only, no need to go for them)
  2. Check the company reputation
  3. Review their packages in details, so you will not stuck at any point


That’s it, you have selected your domain name and your web hosting account, now you are good to go, remember you do not need any extra add-ons like dedicated IP, SSL Certificates etc. at this stage of business.

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