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In this post, I am going to talk about basic SEO from its root level as I assume that you do not have any previous knowledge of SEO. I am not covering the basic SEO phrases here, you can find them in my other post keyword Phrases where I have explained each phrase individually. Please do let me know if you are confused with any of the phrases and want to know more about it.

Search Engine Optimization is usually divided into two categories, On Site and Off Site. But I divide SEO in three major categories.

  1. Planning
  2. On Site
  3. Off Site


The most important and the result oriented category is SEO planning. You need to spend enough time for this, if you ignore it then your SEO results might be ignored as well. I have created a special section in my blog named SEO Planning where you can know all about it. It will take you from your 1st step till the end of your working progress.

I request you to go through this section very carefully as you are going to learn the most important methods for your website SEO and I am also sharing my experiences about the results.

Do not jump to On Site SEO or Off Site SEO as long as you have not finished the SEO planning part.

On Site

This is all about your website, starting from the idea of your website, content, look and feel. In this category we will discuss everything including what your customers or visitors see in your website and what they do not as per Google guidelines. Review this category here at On Site SEO in this blog.

This seems to be very simple that you are aware of what you want to put in your website. But here my point is that this is not about us anymore, it is about your visitors and search engines.

Off Site

Whatever we are doing other than your website is called Off Site SEO. For example, we are going to work on Social Media platforms, backlinks, etc. Backlinks are the most important part of this section and we will discuss all the types of backlinks and there importance for SEO.

I consider this a very sensitive section of any search engine marketing campaign; because any mistake will change your SERP, (which is basically your website’s position in search engines). This is the section, which we have to repeat continuously as long as we reach our goal and after that too. This part of Search Engine Optimization cannot and should not be stopped.

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