SEO Planning

This is the most important part of SEO, I request you to pay your full attention and spend enough time on this section. In this section we are going to discuss important things like keyword selection, website design ideas and our working strategy.

I assume that you are a small business owner selling products or services. In these series, I am going to discuss case study for one of my project which is a catering client in NYC.

Definitely our idea is our start up, now here we know that we are going to create a website for a catering company serving in New York City. I am going to discuss all about this real time project with all step by step guidelines.

Our SEO planning should be in following sequence, remember sequence is really important here

  1. Keyword Selection
  2. Selection of Domain and Hosting
  3. Website Design Concept

Never try to finish everything in one day, the most recommended way is you only finish one part daily. I understand that it might slow down your work, but it will take only four days to plan your SEO. The reason to give some gap in between is that your mind might generate few new concepts within the gaps. I have done several experiments on this and it really works very well.

Define Your Target Market

Define your target market, local or international. Like my client is a catering company and they are serving mainly in New York, although they serve in other parts of US but their main market is New York only. So let’s just lock it at “New York”.

If you are in any other country than you should select your local Google domain like if you are doing business in London than your local market is “London” and your domain is “”.

This does not mean that if you are working on than your SEO will not work on It will work on both but you are going according to your local market where you have more customers.

If your target market is international than you can choose but remember more bigger market you choose more work and time you need to achieve your target.

Spend time in reviewing your competitor websites, make list of good things you like among at least 10 of your competitors in your local market. This will give you really good idea that what they are doing and about market trends as well.

When you have finalized your target market and your competitors’ analysis, now you can move to find keywords for your website.

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