When we are working for any website which we plan to SEO, we need to keep in mind few things

  1. Our Audience
  2. Search Engines
  3. Design Concept

Our Audience

This should be getting 70% of your website design concept. Search engines say that they want to see your website visitors happy, if your website visitor is happy search engines will rank you higher. This is the search engines policy, so we must have to keep this in mind always.

Now when it comes to small business owners they think they should make their website very big so that they can put everything for customers and it will make customer happy.

My personal experience shows that more short you goes, your customers become happier. Please never bombard customers with information. Review one of my projects at http://www.translationinmalaysia.com .

Be precise with your customers, tell them what they want, show them what is necessary for them, although things very as per your industry.

If you think that you have time to manage a blog or have enough money to hire someone to manage your blog then you should go for this, but this is not compulsory for SEO or getting more customers.

More things you have on your website, more difficult is it for your customer to understand.

Search Engines

Second most important thing when you are making a website, you should never break any rules set by search engines. Never try to dodge search engines, they are not stupid. More you follow search engine guidelines, more they will reward you.

Design Concept

Many clients ask me that what kind of website they should have, one page or multi page. Remember, this does not impact on your website SEO.

If you have small website and limited keywords go for one page, if you have lots of information to share with your client than go for multi page. Multi page websites are bigger; you need more SEO work, more content writing work, needs to spend more time and money.

Try to make things simple as much as you can, make nice looking design which represents your company as well as your industry. People like simple things, so try to make things easy and simple.

Never forget following things if you are a small business owner

  1. Add contact us form (your visitor can fill the form and send it, so they do not need to email you separately)
  2. If you are offering any kind of services where you offer free quotation, add a free quote form, where you ask customers to fill the necessary information so you can send them quotation.
  3. If you are selling products and offers delivery services as well, try to add shopping cart to your website.
  4. Give users the option to pay with multiple options like by credit card, by pay pal, etc.
  5. Never forget to add your Phone number on website, which should be highlighted and visitors can see that everywhere they are in your website.
  6. Add your full company address
  7. Add location map


You can see a good example of small company website at http://www.translationinmalaysia.com

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