SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a technical term, which covers all techniques that bring your website on top of the search engine results. SEO is a sub category of online marketing.

Who needs SEO?

All websites need SEO. It will bring more people to the website, which means more sales or more brand awareness.

 Let’s make it simple for better understanding!

Every hour, millions of people are searching online for different things. Let me give you an example of Mike. He makes leather wallets and his company’s name is “ABC Leather” based in New York City. Mike has an excellent website where he also takes online orders. His wallets are of very good leather quality with best prices in the market. But no one knows his website. He mentions his website’s address on his business cards, letter heads etc., but this is not going to make any huge impact on his business.

Now let’s go ahead with this case study. Research tells us that in New York City almost 10,000 people are searching for leather wallets every month. This means Mike can get benefits with these visitors who are looking for leather wallets as these will be his potential customers. But Mike’s website is getting only 100-200 people every month and most of them are returning visitors.

When we type in Google or any search engine “Leather Wallets in NYC” we do not get “ABC Leather” website anywhere. Now suppose, if Mike’s company “ABC Leather” comes on 1st position of Google, then will he get customers? The answer is obviously YES.

One more important thing, if Mike’s company stands first on Google or on number 11, then will the result remain same? Yes, you got it. It’s a big NO because search engines display 10 records on each page. And if Mike’s website is on number 11, then this means his website stands on the second page. Research also tells us that 70% people don’t bother to jump on the next page as they wish to find their required company in the top 3 records.

Hopefully, you can understand the impact of SEO on any business.

Let me give you another very small example for further explanation. Suppose there is a business owner related to any industry. If you ask him that every month you can bring him 1000 customers who are interested in buying his products or services, then what will he reply. Does he show interest and want benefits from those potential customers?

You may answer this question on your own or ask any business owner.

All the above examples have given you a good understanding of SEO and its impact on any website.

Let us move a bit further. Consider the previous example of Mike’s business again. This time we will change a small thing; we SEO his website for “Shoes” instead of “Leather wallets in NYC”. Suppose his website comes on top of Google for the keyword/phrase “Shoes”.  Do you know what is going to happen now???

Yes, you are right. Mike will have lots of visitors on his website, but with almost no sales. Because the people who are coming on his website are looking for shoes and not for leather wallets.

This is why when I teach SEO I use my following definition, which I have learned from my knowledge and experience.

 “SEO is an art of showing Right Things to the Right People.

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