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About me

I started my IT career in 2002 and dropped my full time job working life in 2011, now I am a full time freelancer.

Reading, learning & creating awesome projects is my passion, apart from traveling. Interested to know that how do i mange my work & traveling together, then check here more about me.


Iconic Freelancer - FAQs
  • What do you charge?It completely depends on the work required for a website. I cannot give any price without website analysis.
  • How much time a website takes to rank in good position on Google?If this is a new website and country target oriented, it should take almost 12 months. Mostly it can be achieved within 6 – 9 months.
  • How many clients you keep at one time?Right now, I keep maximum 10 clients at one time.
  • Do you work for SEO reseller services?At this stage No. As this needs a big setup with a proper team.
  • How many days do you work?I work 5 days a week, Saturday and Sunday are my off days. But I try my best to reply queries even in my off days.
  • Can we meet?I usually work online, it saves time for me as well for my clients. Apart from that I am always traveling since 3 years now. To make things easier, I prefer WhatsApp call at (289) 32 494 55